How long will my products take to get to me?

Hair extensions ship within 4 business days of purchase by way of 2 Day Priority Shipping and 3D Mink Lashes ship within 2 business days of purchase by way of Priority Mail.

How much hair do I need?

For lengths under 22 inches we recommend 3 bundles, 4 bundles for lengths 24 and 26 inches, and 5 bundles for lengths 28 and 30 inches. When using a bundle or frontal adjust the number of bundles used based on the look you are going for. Keep in mind that all bundles are 100 grams so the more hair you use the heavier it will be on your head.


How do I maintain my extensions?

We recommend that you wash and condition your extensions once a week along with a deep condition once a month. Please use quality products on your extensions to maintain the integrity of the hair. Lanza Healing Oil and Agadir Argan Oil are great options for maintaining the health of the hair without weighing it out.

Will curly textured hair revert after applying heat?

The curly hair extensions will revert back to the natural texture after heat styling. Make sure to use a heat protect and a quality straightening tool. Minimize your use of heat because all natural hair runs the risk of incurring heat damage.

Can I color my extensions?

Yes. Our hair is virgin and has not been processed so your coloring will take very well. Make sure you are using a professional coloring service.

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